I am an Associate Professor at the University of Southampton and a Fellow of the Turing Institute, the UK’s national institute for data science and artifical intelligence. My research explores the major controls on Earth surface conditions over geologic time. This includes the effects of tectonic, volcanic, sedimentary, and metamorphic processes; their interactions, and how these shape the biosphere and climate system over different timescales.



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Over the past ten years, I have supervised 14 PhD students (ten to completion and four in progress), six of these as lead supervisor, and 3 PDRAs. Over the same period, I have supervised 20 MSci research projects, 5 of which have led to publications in leading international journals (GRL, Lithos, Geology, Scientific Reports, Bulletin of Volcanology).

Current Ph.D. students:

Rhiannon Rees-2.jpg_SIA_JPG_fit_to_width

Rhiannon Rees

Volcanology & geochemistry


Emma Watts

Volcanology & geochemistry


Emma Horn

Igneous geochemistry

Postdoctoral Researchers:


Dr Thea Hincks

Machine learning


Dr Jack Longman

Global geochemical cycles


Dr Hayley Manners

Organic geochemistry

  • Dr Thea Hincks is currently working on NERC project, Environmental tipping points during supercontinent breakup (Gernon PI, NE/R004978/1), and the Turing Institute project, Machine learning of seismicity induced by hydraulic fracturing (Gernon PI).

  • Dr Hayley Manners (now a Lecturer at Plymouth University) worked on NERC project, The role of marine diagenesis of tephra in the carbon cycle (Gernon Co-I, NE/K00543X/1)

  • Dr Jack Longman (now at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg) worked on NERC project, The role of marine diagenesis of tephra in the carbon cycle (Gernon Co-I, NE/K00543X/1)

Completed Ph.D. students:

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  • Dr Holly Elliott, 2011-2015 (now Lecturer of Economic Geology at the University of Derby)

  • Dr Melanie Siegburg, 2015-2019 (now a geologist with the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, Germany)

  • Dr Stuart Hatter, 2013-2017 (Research Fellow at Montserrat Volcano Observatory, and now a geologist at Badley Ashton)

  • Dr Finnigan Illsley-Kemp, 2015-2018 (now Postdoctoral Fellow in Volcano Geodynamics, Victoria University of Wellington)

  • Dr Tim Hughes, 2012-2016 (now Software Engineer, Riskaware)

  • Dr John Emeana, 2012-2016 (now Director, Crown Analytics Ltd)

  • Dr Maya Coussens, 2012-2016 (now Logistics Coordinator)

  • Dr Michael Clare, 2012-2016 (now Marine Geoscientist, NOCS)

  • Dr Melis Cevatoglu, 2011-2015 (now a Senior Geophysicist)

  • Dr James Davey, 2015-2019 (now a consultant at SRK)

  • Dr Ben Callow, 2016-2020 (now Postdoctoral Researcher at Ghent University)



I have carried out extensive geological fieldwork in sixteen countries over six continents, and cumulatively spent over two years in the field collecting data. Click on the green symbols above to see some of the results of this work, and see my CV for a more comprehensive list of field locations.